ZuluTrade Ltd. Was founded in 2006 and quickly became popular among traders due to developing its auto trading system. Daily ZuluTrade registers hundreds of signals for buying and selling currencies from world best traders - signals providers. With an account in a broker company partnering with ZuluTrade, any trader gets an opportunity to use providers’ signals for automatic trade on his account.

Advantages of the ZuluTrade auto trading system:

  • No need for developing your own trading strategy. It’s necessary only to choose a successful trader (a signals provider) and follow their trading instructions automatically;
  • Full control of the account, including manual trading;
  • Automatic trade is based on laws of logic and precludes emotions;
  • Trading instructions come in at any time, even with the computer switched off;
  • Funds security is guaranteed;
  • The initial deposit level is very low, which meets the demands of an average investor;
  • A broad choice of signals providers.

Please note that due to regulatory restrictions ZuluTrade services aren’t accessible in Iran and a number of other OFAC-sanctioned countries (Burma, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and Syria).

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