Deposits and Withdrawals

  1. How can I fund my account?

    A trading account can be funded by a bank transfer, VISA and MasterCard cards, electronic payment systems (eg, WebMoney, QIWI, Skrill, Yandex.Dengi, Alpha-Click, etc.) or through an online exchange. In order to fund your account, you need to log in to the Trader's Room, go to the section "Deposit", select the desired payment system and make an application.

    Note that when funding the account with a credit card, both the trading account and the card must first be verified. The account verification is carried in the section "Uploading Documents" in the Trader's Cabinet, the card verification card - in the section "Verification of MasterCard and VISA cards" in the Trader's Cabinet as well.

    You can find the company's anti-money laundering policy here:

  2. How quickly are the funds credited to the trading account?

    When funding the account with a bank card and electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Skrill, QIWI, etc.), the funds are credited to the trading account immediately. A bank transfer takes about 3-5 business days.

  3. I have transferred funds, but they are not credited to the trading account. What should I do?

    If you have transferred funds to your trading account, but they have not appeared in the terminal balance, you need to go to the Trader's Cabinet and issue a notice of your payment, specifying the details, in the section "Lost Transfer Notification". After that, your payment will be credited by the operator within one working day. If after sending the funds transfer notification your money is not received within one day, please contact the Finance Department at

  4. What is the minimum deposit amount?

    The minimum deposit amount depends on the type of your account. You can find the trading accounts conditions in the section "Accounts" on the company website

  5. How can I fund my account with a credit card?

    To fund your account with a credit card it is necessary to carry out the verification of accounts and, separately, the verification of the credit card, which will be used for depositing.

    In order to verify the account, you must download the scans the documents confirming the identity and the address stated when registering the account, in the section "Uploading Documents" in the Trader's Cabinet.

    To verify a card, you must go to the section "Verification of VISA and MasterCard cards" in the Trader's Cabinet, click on the "Add a new card" and enter the credit card data. After specifying the correct card data, a random amount from 1 to 5 dollars will be charged from the card.

    Next, you need to specify the exact amount in US dollars, which has been withdrawn from the card at the stage of verification, write it to the nearest cent (eg, 3.11) in the field "Amount", in the card verification page and click the " Verify" button. The card will be checked within 1 day and, if it's all right, it will be approved. The amounts charged during the verification, will be added to your account balance.

    If the amount you specified is not in dollars but in another currency, you need to send a scan of an extract with our transaction on the credit card to The message must specify your trading account number and ask to clarify the exact amount of the charge in US dollars.

  6. Does NordFX charge a commission for funding the account?

    NordFX does not charge commissions for funding accounts, however, a commission may be charged by the payment system used to transfer the funds.

  7. How can I withdraw funds from my account?

    To withdraw funds, you need to log in to the Trader's Cabinet, go to the "Withdrawal" section, select the desired payment system and make a request. First, you have to transfer funds from the terminal balance to the balance of the Trader's Cabinet following the link "Deposit / withdraw funds from the MT4 balance" in the upper right corner of the Cabinet.

    You can withdraw funds by a bank transfer, VISA card and MasterCard, as well as a number of electronic payment systems (WebMoney, Skrill, QIWI, etc.) and currency exchange Z-Payment. Please note that the amount of the initial deposit can be withdrawn only to the same payment system, with which it was credited. The profit can be withdrawn to any payment system. Withdrawal by bank transfer is available in all cases.

    You can find the company's anti-money laundering policy here:

  8. What are the time frames for processing applications for funds withdrawal?

    All requests for withdrawals are processed daily from 9:00 to 18:00 Central European Time (CET). Withdrawal is not carried out on weekends and holidays. If the request for withdrawal is submitted after 18:00 of the current day, it is transferred to the next working day.

    When using electronic payment systems, the funds are credited to your account immediately after the application for withdrawal is processed. The funds transfer to the VISA and MasterCard takes 5-6 working days, a bank transfer takes 3-5 days on average.

  9. Does NordFX charge a commission for funds withdrawal?

    NordFX does not charge commissions for withdrawing funds from the trading account, however, a commission may be charged by the payment system used to transfer the funds.

  10. What is the minimum amount for funds withdrawal?

    The minimum amount for withdrawal is 1 USD or another minimum amount depending on the specific payment system. If the funds are withdrawn to a bank card or by bank transfer, the minimum amount of withdrawal should include a commission on the cards, and in case of the bank transfer - a commission of your bank.

  11. How to make an internal transfer?

    Log in to Trader's Cabinet and make sure that the funds to be transferred are in the Trader's Cabinet balance and not in the MT4 balance. Go to the "Withdrawal" - "Internal Transfer" and make a request. An internal transfer is only possible only between accounts of the same owner. Transfers to third parties are not carried out. An internal transfer is instantaneous, if the accounts are combined. When accounts are unintegrated, a request for an internal transfer is processed within 1 business day. There is no commission.

  12. Can I make an internal transfer or withdrawal of funds from my trading account to the accounts of third parties?

    Funds withdrawal is only allowed only to the NordFX accounts owners. Transfer of funds to third parties is not possible. Funds are transferred only between accounts (including external accounts) of the same owner. The Company reserves the right to identify the recipient of funds in order to prevent illegal actions on the part of the client, as well as for the prevention of fraud by third parties.

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